To go where we have to go, where do we have to go?

a project by Gabriele de Santis, Alek O., Santo Tolone

from 16th May 2018

at Nomas Foundation, Rome



To go where we have to go, where do we have to go? is a non-curated mid-life group show by three young Italian artists who no longer count as "young artists”. After working together, on and off, for over a dozen years, we felt the need to reconsider where we had been taken by what part of us still refuses to call our careers - started out in a squat and grown through MFA programmes and international galleries, kicked around by biennials and fairs, courted or shunned by curators and gallerists, torn by the centripetal force of the market and the centrifugal inertia of peripherality, struggling to resist the pull towards homogenization resulting from the online circulation of images.
To go where we have to go, where do we have to go? is a doubt which embodies the intellectual independence of the first 10 years of Nomas Foundation, turning the foundation into a meeting space of cultural solidarity, embracing the legacy of the countercultures of '68 in their wish to intercept the political in both fiction and reality, as well as in their focus on a collective perspective. Seminaries, laboratories, lectures, performances, screenings, academic lessons open to anyone, available on streaming from May 16th to September 7th, in collaboration with the Sociological Aesthetics Research Unit of the Department of Social and Economic Sciences, Sapienza Università di Roma.